County Criminal Records Search

The majority of crimes are tried in county courts, and thus this search is a critical component for background checks. Our County Criminal Records Search focuses on Felonies and Misdemeanors.

Examples of Felonies include murder, rape, kidnapping, arson, fraud, aggravated assault, manslaughter, possession of a controlled substance, and child molestation.

Examples of Misdemeanors include  disturbing the peace, petty theft, drunk driving with no injury to others, public drunkenness, simple assault and battery

Our searches go back a minimum of seven years but the search can be expanded to go back longer unless applicable state law limits the search to seven years

National Criminal Database Search

This database is used to check and see if crimes were committed by the applicant anywhere in the United States.

This search contains summary case information and is often a lead for our firm to drill down and run county criminal searches

Statewide Criminal Search

Each state contains repositories of data online. PreciseCheck has found some of this data to be incomplete but if this search is run simultaneously to the County Criminal search, it provides our clients with more thorough results and thus protection

Sex Offender Search

Identify candidates who are sex offenders in any of our 50 states.

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal checks are for crimes that are prosecuted at a federal level, which include infractions such as tax evasion, bank robbery, kidnapping, and counterfeiting.

These searches are ideal for:

  1. Employees with access to secure or financial information
  2. C-level executives
  3. CPAs
  4. Financial and banking staff
  5. Public sector employees

Federal Bankruptcy Search

This search will return all bankruptcy information in an applicant’s file. It is critical to run this type of search for any employee who may be handling money as it gives you insight into a candidate’s financial responsibility and track record.

Federal and County Civil Search

These searches enable us to identify civil litigation or lawsuits at the county and federal jurisdiction levels that the applicant may be involved with. These disputes typically involve contracts, money, and/or property.

National Criminal Vigilant Search

This search combs through numerous databases including Americas Most Wanted Fugitives, Domestic and International Terrorists and the Excluded Persons list

It also contains the OIG, which identifies the Most Wanted Healthcare Fugitives, and the FDA Debarment list.

The flexibility of our system allows our clients to run overarching searches such as the National Criminal Vigilant Search, or in many cases, narrow down the search to specific databases covering the areas of most interest to them.