PreciseCheck’s platform is integrated with over 40 Applicant Tracking Systems making the HR workflows much more efficient and saving Human Resources from having to learn how to use multiple systems.  Once the candidate’s information is entered into the Applicant Tracking System and sent to PreciseCheck, the work is executed by PreciseCheck and automatically sent back to the Applicant Tracking System.  Recruiters can still monitor and update orders as necessary.  The Applicant Tracking Systems which are integrated with PreciseCheck’s platform are as follows:

1.     ABD

2.     ADP VirtualEdge

3.     Applicant Harbor

4.     Ascentis

5.     Aspen Grove

6.     Avionte

7.     BrassRing

8. Bullhorn

9. Ceridian

10.  ClicknHire

11.  Collabera

12.  Compas

13.  ComplyScreen ATS

14.  Decision Toolbox

15.  DecisionHR

16.  EBE

17.  EfficientHire

18.  ERATS

19.  erecruit

20.  GreenHouse

21. HealthcareSource/Position Manager

22.  HRSmart

23.  ICIMS


25.  Jobvite

26.  KPA Online

27. Kronos

28.  MyStaffingPro

29.  NeoGov

30.  Newton

31. PeopleAdmin

32.  PeopleAnswers

33.  People Matter

34.  PeopleSoft

35.  SmartRecruit

36.  Success Factors

37.  Talent Rover

38.  talentReef

39.  Taleo Business Edition

40. Taleo Enterprise Edition

41.  Tech Fetch

42.  Tempworks

43. Ulti-Pro

44.  Ultra-Staff

45.  Vikus

46.  Workday



SwiftHire is PreciseCheck’s automated tool to simplify and expedite the background check process. It works when integrated with our clients’ applicant tracking systems or without the integration.

The Process

  • To initiate an order using SwiftHire, our clients enter the candidate’s name, pick their package, place a check in the disclosure box, and hit submit.

  • An email is sent to the candidate with a link. The candidate clicks on the link, signs off on the disclosure and authorization forms online, enters their data for the background check, and hits submit.

  • The order has now been placed and sent to PreciseCheck for execution.



Saves Time, Faster Speed to Hire, and Improved Accuracy

SwiftHire enables our clients to push the data entry out to their candidates, saving our clients a tremendous amount of time. It speeds up the hiring process and improves the accuracy of the order by eliminating the need to rekey data from manual forms.

Electronic Signatures

SwiftHire also enables the candidates to electronically sign off on the Disclosure and Authorization forms, as well as having electronic access to their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


SwiftHire uses comprehensive audit trail procedures including digital certificate, user authentication, signature completion, and opt outs.  So if at anytime there is a controversy, you will have the trail to know who signed what and when. 

Client Branding

SwiftHire is built to stand out by allowing our customers to use their own logo, colors, and general styles.  This gives the candidate a feel for the brand and how well they can connect using technology and great design. 

Error Handling

Delays can be caused if there are any errors in the order.  With SwiftHire, you have required fields with intuitive error handling call outs.  The result is the right information the first time. 

Status Checking for the Candidate

With status checking, the candidate can now go into the portal and see where they are in the process.  They can also get notified when the results are returned.  This gives the candidate knowledge and a sense of being a part of the process.